Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide excellence in music and dance education by offering innovative and timely courses and programs, delivered and administered by dedicated and competent faculty and staff.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to help students to develop their full intellectual potential and aesthetic sensibilities through

  1. providing the space for the development of highly trained persons in music and dance performance;
  2. providing the space for critical reflection and debate about music and dance and their social and cultural role;
  3. seeking dynamic ways of restructuring programmes and projects to respond to contemporary needs of society;
  4. undertaking relevant research and documentation in music and dance;
  5. establishing linkages with institutions within and outside Ghana for the enhancement of the vision of the Department as well as the Faculty of Arts and the University as a whole. 

Core Values

  1. The placement of a high premium on inter-disciplinary research
  2. To train students to achieve the highest standards possible
  3. To be innovative in program structure to help students get the best in the changing global environment.